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Nothing makes me happier than reading or watching a simple tutorial that I can apply to my own life or recreate myself.

Here you will find:

-Crochet patterns I have created and reviews from other excellent crocheters!

-Simple DIY projects and crafts that I have actually completed myself

-Reviews of books, projects, and products that have changed my life for the better

Feel free to leave happy feedback on any and every post you feel led to!

Meet Heather


Hi! I'm Heather Corinne!

(& this is my niece, squishy.)

I am so happy you're here.

One day not long ago, I realized most of us do not spend enough time doing the things we truly love.

On that day, I decided my purpose in life is to find joy in all things and create a life I truly love!

My Story

I happen to find immense joy in crocheting, crafting, re-purposing, reading, etc.

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved just about anything crafty or DIY!

I get a lot of my craftiness from my amazing Mom.

After college, my Mom and my Nana taught me the basics of crocheting.

(This is the first thing I ever crocheted in 2014.)

I never dreamed how obsessed I would become!

I have since watched countless YouTube tutorials and tried free patterns from others until one day I got the guts to try to create some patterns of my own!

I remember the first original pattern I ever wrote (Smokey Mountain Bear Lovey). I was so proud!

Now I can't stop jotting down pattern ideas to try out 🙂

One day I got inspired to create a website in order to share my joys with folks like you, who love to craft and create as much as I do.

Since I learned these amazing hobbies from others who were generous enough to share their patterns for free, my patterns and tutorials are free as well!

I also have an affinity for all things described as 'self-help' or 'personal growth'.

In my quest for more joy, I am always reading, listening, watching, and testing new methods that bring in all the good stuff. My intent with sharing my experience is that you may find more joy too!

Happy Creating!

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