DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

Hi Lovies! I’m so excited to share my newest project: the DIY Mandala Wall Stencil!

One of the perks of owning a home is experiencing the freedom to paint anything any color.

My favorite color is purple. Therefore, I had been dreaming of painting an accent wall in my craft room a beautiful, deep shade of purple.

So I did.

As we began cutting in, my sister and brother-in-law laughed about how it looked like “Barney throw-up”.

My closet, the biggest one of course, happens to be nestled in the middle of this beautiful purple wall.

When we moved in, all of the closets had cheap white sliding doors with brass knobs.

We have removed all of them to open up space and either leave the closets open, or hang curtains instead of doors. It keeps the rooms soft and relaxed.

However beautiful my purple wall may be, it needed something.

Then, my best friend gave me this gorgeous mandala stencil.

And the rest is history.

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil


*Please note, I did not spend any money on this project. I used leftover paint and supplies I already had on hand and the stencil was given to me by my friend. I encourage you to see what you can reuse that you may already have and ask friends or family if they have leftover supplies they no longer need or that you may borrow before purchasing these items full price*

  • Stencil (Mine is a 12×12 Waverly Inspirations Laser Stencil my friend found at Wal-Mart)
  • Brush with a round flat end (I used an old makeup brush for blush or powder; prepare to throw it away afterwards)
  • Drop cloth or paper to cover the floor
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Level
  • Paper towel or old cloth to ‘offload’ paint from your brush
  • Step ladder
  • Paint color of choice (I used Sherwin Williams Calico Cream HGSW2497 in interior satin)
  • If you’re messy like me, you need touch up paint in the base color of your wall (my beautiful purple is PLUM GOOD, 4011-10, Valspar interior satin) and a small paint brush

Fun Stuff:

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil Before

Begin by removing everything hanging on the wall you will be painting and move all of the furniture near it.

I began at the bottom of each side of the closet and worked my way up, lining the edge of the stencil up with the edge of the wall. Seven mandalas fit on each side and four across the top. Depending on the size of your stencil, this will obviously vary.

Carefully place your stencil at the bottom of the wall, lining the edges up with the base board and the side of the wall. Use a level to make sure this is straight as it will be your guide for the mandalas on this side. Secure the stencil using painter’s tape.

Now get just a little paint on your brush and dab it in the lid of the paint can or on a paper towel to ‘offload’ the excess paint. Now dab or pat the brush onto the stencil in a small area. Then create small circles with your brush like you are applying makeup. I placed my finger in the center of the area I was working in to hold the stencil secure. Inevitably, I had paint all over my hands. I tried not to put in on too heavy, because I like the see-through vintage look and it didn’t bleed underneath the stencil. Less is more, seriously.

Once you’ve covered the stencil with the desired amount of paint, carefully peel the stencil off the wall. Now, carefully line up the side of the stencil with the wall, and the bottom with the end of the last mandala, place the tape back down, and repeat the painting process.

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

I used the same tape until about halfway through, then had to exchange it when it lost its stickiness. I also washed the stencil off at this point so too much paint wouldn’t gunk up on it.

It took me a little over an hour to stencil all 18 mandalas around the closet.

It was very relaxing and fun! I listened to some frugal YouTubers while I created. My current favorite is Lydia Senn’s budgeting playlist.

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

So if you’re messy like me, you will probably get paint around the edges of your mandalas where the end of the stencil and the pattern get verrrrrrry close. I used a small craft paint brush (my partner is an artist…don’t tell him I used one of his brushes) and my beautiful purple paint to go over all of my messiness.

beautiful purple paint

After all of the paint dried, I hung the curtain rod and gorgeous scarf my partner’s father brought me from overseas back in their places.

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

DIY Mandala Wall Stencil

I am absolutely in love with this wall now! It turned out so much better than I expected!

I cannot find the exact stencil I used, but this one is a pretty option. Please note if you purchase this stencil using my link I will make a small commission. I encourage you to check your local Wal-Mart first because they are way more affordable there.

If you try this project, please tag me on instagram @mypurposeinlifeisjoy

I would love to see how it turns out!

I have a feeling it would be gorgeous if done in gold.

Thank you so much for your support of my creations!

As always, happy creating lovies!

-Heather Corinne

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May your mug always be half-full of joy!