Bulky Button Coffee Cozy

Hi Lovies!

If you’re anything like me, your favorite time of the week is when you get the opportunity to create! (or anytime you get to drink coffee).

So logically, the best part of the week is being gifted the opportunity to create while drinking coffee!

Is there any other way to do it?

Of course not. Silly of me to ask.

So if you saw my last post (5-Minute Cozy Coasters), you know I have been trying to come up with creative ways to use my scrap yarn.

I happened to have more of this bulky yarn in beige as well so herein lies this bulky button coffee cozy!

Bulky Button Coffee Cozy

This cozy fits your standard reusable Starbucks mug, but can easily be adapted to fit your mug of choice.

Simply chain the perfect amount to fit around your mug and add one chain to turn.

*Please note: if your yarn happens to be a different weight make sure to chain the appropriate amount and increase or decrease the number of rows to your liking!


Bulky Yarn (I can’t find the exact yarn scrap I used, but this is similar)

Coconut Shell Button (obviously you can use any button that brings you joy!)

-Thread & Needle

-Size K Crochet Hook

Stitch Marker




sl st-Slip Stitch

HDC-Half Double Crochet

Cozy Pattern:

Ch 23

Without twisting the yarn, make a circle and sl st into your first chain creating a circle.

Round 1: HDC 22

Rounds 2-?: HDC into the 1st HDC of the previous round and continue to HDC in rounds until your cozy is the perfect length (22 stitches per round; I completed 5 rounds before running out of yarn, which happened to be perfect!)


I like to mark the first stitch of each round so I won’t lose my place.

Once you’ve reached your desired length, sl st into the 1st HDC of the previous row and tie off.

Weave in your ends so they will be hidden on the inside.


Using your needle and thread, attach your favorite button.

I like these particular coconut shell buttons because they look adorably imperfect and I think it’s neat they are made from coconut shells. They have a natural look versus the plastic ones.

Ta-da! There you have a quick and easy cozy for your creativity-booster

I hope you find some time to drink lots of coffee and be creative this weekend!

Happy Crocheting Lovies

Pin this pattern to your crochet board!


May your mug always be half-full of joy!


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