Baby Headband

Hi Lovies!

Today, I whipped up this adorable crochet baby headband per request from my mother for my squishy niece.

It is a quick project that can be done in one episode of a Netflix favorite.


You need:

-Yarn color of your choice

-Size H crochet hook


tapestry needle

-optional: sewing measuring tape


My Squishy’s head is 18 inches so I chained two inches less (16″) to allow for stretch.

If you already have a hat or headband that fits the subject, you can use it as a guide for length.

For me,16 inches was chain 60 plus one to turn.

I would say any increment of 5 would work as long as you have the same amount of HDC on either side of your 10 SC in the center (you’ll see what I mean when you start the pattern).

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask and maybe I can explain better.

Baby Headband:

It helps to count your stitches each row to avoid dropping or adding stitches (I know because I messed up twice)

Chain 61

Row 1: HDC 25, SC 10, HCD 25, chain 1, turn (60 stitches)

Rows 2-6: In the back stitches only, HDC 25, SC 10, HDC 25, chain 1, turn (60 stitches)

If you would like the headband to be thicker for winter, by all means please continue to add rows to your hearts desire 🙂

Tie off with a long enough tail to join.


At this point you have at least three styling options.

You can leave it as is.

You can twist it once (which is what I chose).

You can twist it twice.

You know, you could probably even wrap another color around the gathered section or add a bow.

The possibilities are endless.

If you make a different version, please post it on instagram and tag me @mypurposeinlifeisjoy

I would love to see it!


With it twisted or not twisted, line up your ends together with the best side facing inward.

Using your tapestry needle, sew the ends together securely.

Tie off and trim your loose ends.

Flip the correct side out.


As soon as I have some adorable pictures of it on her I will put them here.

Happy Crocheting!


Pin this pattern to your crochet board!

May your mug always be half-full of joy!


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