Personal Planner Review

Hi Lovies,

I hope January brought you immense joy!

I also want to encourage you to stay the course toward your goals for this year (even if you have already slacked).
You can accomplish them if  you believe you can!
I’m excited to say that I am still on track with all of my goals for the new year, due to my obsessive need to write everything down and the accountability this blog has provided.
I’m ‘old school’ in that I love writing in a physical, paper planner.
It gives me immense peace of mind knowing that I have all of my tasks, activities, events, & ideas written down in an organized way.

I have carried my planners every day in my work/school bag for my entire life.

It works for me. It helps me reach my goals (big & small).

Because I use it daily, my planner adds immeasurable value to my life and I want it to be a source of joy.
So I’ve decided to share my three favorite things about my favorite planner thus far.
If you’re a planner person, I hope this helps you choose a planner that works best for you and your goals.
(This is not a paid post (although, it should be haha); All opinions are completely honest and my own experience.)

My 3 Favorite Things about My Personal Planner

personal planner review

1. It’s Customizable

Does your planner add value to your life?
A planner needs to function for you (that’s the point of a planner: to make our lives easier and better!)
My favorite thing about my personal-planner is the amount of customizable options available when designing it.
I added photos to the front and back cover that make me smile when I see them.
(they also offer a variety of pre-made covers you can choose from)
personal planner review personal planner review
I chose the hourly layout so I can write in my commitments (even if they are commitments to myself, such as workouts or a wine & Netflix date).
(they also offer a variety of layouts for how you want to set up your week)
I chose to leave clean ‘module’ space so I can adapt and write in my own modules such as
  • mini goals
  • new ideas
  • intention for the week
  • groceries to buy
  • etc.

(They offer several pre-made modules and daily details such as weather, work, workout, to-do, dinners, etc.) personal planner review

personal planner review

I chose a simple design scheme from the many design and color options available.
They also offer a variety of back pages such as
  • year overview
  • blank music sheets
  • coloring book
  • Sudoku
  • teacher pages
  • etc.
I chose to leave mine blank in order to write out my goals for the year to make sure I continue to make weekly and monthly progress toward them.
It also allows me to reevaluate at different times during the year to see if I need to adjust my goals or set new ones.
And oh my, how I love those silly little stickers!
They came out with stickers this past year and I was so excited to add them to my order.
I love to place them on random days throughout the year ahead of time.
They always offer surprise inspiration, encouragement, or even a giggle later on when I have forgotten about them.
personal planner review

2. It’s There For Me

I’ll be honest, this sucker is durable.
This is the second year I have used a personal-planner and I carry it with me every day.
It’s not like I take particularly ‘good’ care of it either; I toss it into whatever bag I’m carrying and sometimes toss it in the floor.
The spiral binding has not come undone on either like many of the previous planners I have tried.
It has a plastic front and back cover which has been helpful for coffee spills.
(I spilled coffee on last year’s at least three times I can recall.)
personal planner review
But mostly, when I say ‘it’s there for me,’ I mean it holds me accountable to myself.
I know when I have written down things I want to accomplish and if I am making progress toward those things or not; I can’t lie to myself.
It’s like an annoying, yet loyal friend who says, “you know this is important to you; stop slacking off and just start.”
I know I accomplish more with it than I would without it.


3. It’s Affordable 

As an adult, I have been tempted by the adorable, pricey planners that come with stickers and personalized options.
If you’re a planner person, you know what I’m talking about.
These things can be extremely expensive.
That is why I was excited to stumble upon personal-planner while searching through these options.
To me, they are affordable. Not cheap, but reasonable for the value I’m getting.
Last year, I purchased the 4.1″ x 5.6″ mini for $29.95.
I loved the mini, but realized I need more space to write my crazy ideas.
This year, I upgraded to the 5.8″ x 8.1″ for $39.95, but used a discount code that came with my previous one (they’re nice like that).
personal planner review
In fact, when I decided to write a review for you guys I reached out to their generic contact email and asked for a discount code for my small readership and they said yes!
So if you decide one of these planners will add value to your life too, here is the discount information:
Use discount code F-ABME-2017 to receive 15% off your purchase until February 12, 2017!
I hope this review has helped you choose and/or utilize your planner in a way that adds the most value to your life and your goals.
Wishing you all the joy in the world this year,


Update June 2017: My car was broken into and my planner was in one of the bags that was stolen. I emailed Personal Planner and they gave me a significant credit towards ordering my replacement planner! I love a company that is genuinely good and cares about people <3

May your mug always be half-full of joy!


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