Harry Potter Coffee Cozy

Hello Lovies!

So, who doesn’t love some Harry Potter as well as all HP related things?

I got the itch to make a HP coffee cozy a few weeks ago and never got around to it.

While on instagram, I found inspiration to create one on Jessica Parra’s, achainofevents. She is ultra-talented and has an adorable Etsy store (AChainofEvents). I am in love with her crochet mugs. She sells a cozy that is very similar to this one if you are looking to buy one instead of taking a stab at it yourself (buy hers here).

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Harry Potter Cozy

(Fits your standard reusable Starbucks mug)

You will need:

-Size H crochet hook

-Yarn: black, beige, garnet, gold

tapestry needle


Optional green safety eyes (see eyes section below)

-Click play on this video:


(leave decent tails in garnet or gold, beige, and black for joining)

With gold, Chain 29

Row 1: SC 28, switch to garnet, chain 1, turn (28 stitches)

Row 2: SC 28, switch to gold, chain 1, turn (28 stitches)

Row 3: SC 28, switch to garnet, chain 1, turn (28 stitches)

Row 4: SC 28, switch to gold, chain 1, turn (28 stitches)

Row 5: SC 28, switch to garnet, chain 1, turn (28 stitches)

Row 6: SC 28, switch to beige, chain 1, turn (28 stitches)

Rows 7-13: SC 28, chain 1, turn (on the last stitch of the 13th row switch to black, chain 1, turn) (28 stitches)

Rows 14-15: SC 28, chain 1, turn (28 stitches)

Tie off.

Lightning Bolt Scar:

Using your tapestry needle and gold, stitch a lightning bolt shape about 14 stitches in. Mine is three separate stitches that I went over twice.


With black:

Chain 15, slip stitch into the 1st chain, chain 18 more, slip stitch into the 4th chain from the previous slip stitch (this leaves three chains in between each circle lens)

Tie off leaving a long tail for attaching.

-Using your tapestry needle and the long tail, sew on his glasses. Since they are so flimsy, you really have to make purposeful stitches to get the shape you want. I tried to make two relatively perfect circles with a small curve in between, using the lightning bolt as a guide for the center.


With the wrong side out, use your tapestry needle to join both ends with the corresponding colored tails.

Tie off and trim ends.

Flip right side out.

Your join should be barely noticeable since we did it inside out.


Lily’s Eyes (optional):

Okay, so the cozy is absolutely adorable as is and you can stop here if you wish.

I ordered these safety eyes this week (my first time using safety eyes).

I really like them for only $6.99 and I’m excited to use them on more projects.

The only downside is that once in place and on your mug, they can sort of bulge from the posts pressing against the mug. If I adjust them once it’s on the mug, they tend to stay in place, but if I grab the mug from that side, Harry gets a little cross-eyed.

He looks just as cute without them, so it is completely up to you!

Here is a photo of my friend Savannah’s cozy! It turned out so cute, right?!

Click here to purchase my printable pattern.

Thank you so much for supporting my creations! It means the world to me.

I hope you have enjoyed this pattern!

Accio Coffee!!!

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May your mug always be half-full of joy!